On Writing

Any brilliant idea can be killed by horrible writing (or so I’ve been told by some journal editors). Fortunately, good writing can be learned and there are numeruous resources out there to help. If you are a TAMU student, then you may want to consult

If you would like to read a book, then personally I found the following most useful:

Some of the advices in these books are specific to Psychology, but the majority carries through to pretty much any subject.

On R

  • Style guides (how to format your code) from H. Wickham and from Google. Also see formatR R package for automatic reformatting of code.

On Git and Github

Version Control is imperative to keeping track of changes in the code. Git is a very popular version control system, and can be easily used with RStudio. Github is a website that provides powerful integration with Git, and allows easy sharing of the code with others.

On Academic Job Market (candidate’s perspective)

Here is a link to my perspective/advice on the academic job market based on my experience as a candidate in year 2014/2015. It has been strongly inspired by a similar document from Daniel McDonald, which was very helpful when I applied.