As an undergraduate student

If you are pursing a BS degree at TAMU, there are multiple opportunities to get involved.

  • Structured Research Experience (SRE) in Statistics. Currently only open to Statistics majors. Usually takes place over summer, however may also be offered as special topics class in Spring.
  • Statustics Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Only open to Statistics majors, takes place every Summer.
  • Team-based research through the Aggie Research Network. I typically have a project open each semester and recruit new team members. All majors are welcome and encouraged to apply, but the applicants are expected to have existing programming experience (preferably in R).

As a master student

If you are pursuing MS in Statistics at TAMU, and are interested in Option 1, please email me to discuss possible research opportunities.

As a PhD student

If you have already been admitted to the PhD program in Statistics at TAMU, please email me to discuss possible research opportunities.

Unfortunately I am unable to respond to most queries from prospective students who have not yet been admitted to the program, nor do I have an influence over the admission process. When you are applying, you apply to the program, not to an advisor. The information about the application process and necessary materials can be found here.

As a postdoc

Currently I do not have open positions, but this changes on a rotating basis, so please email me with your CV and names of 3 references.