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Irina Gaynanova
Associate Professor of Statistics

Postdocs and graduate students


Hee Cheol Chung
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sangyoon Yi
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dongbang Yuan
PhD Student in Statistics

Renat Sergazinov
PhD Student in Statistics

Mingze Huang
MS Student in Statistics

Undergraduate students (through Aggie Research Program)

  • Elizabeth Chun (BMCB)


Postdocs and graduate students

  • Tianying Wang. Now an Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University Center of Statistical Science

  • Grace Yoon. Now a Mathematical Statistician at US Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

  • Yunfeng Zhang. Now a Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft.

  • Alex Lapanowski. Now a Senior Scientist at SABIC.

  • John Schwenck. Now a Quantitative Analyst at Wells Fargo.

Undergraduate students

Steven Broll (STAT), Eric Wang (ENGE), Sangaman Senthil (INEN), Nhan Nguyen (ENGE), Mary Martin (STAT), Pratik Patel (STAT), Ashok Meyyappan (SPSC), Johnathan Shih (STAT), Jung Hoon Seo (CPSC), Marielle Hicban (BMEN), David Buchanan (STAT), Nathaniel Fernandez (ENGE), Devon Maywald (APMS), Kyle Schichl (STAT), Yixin Zhang (STAT)