Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
3143 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843
Office: 458D Blocker
Email: irinag [at]
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  • September 2019: Cornell Department of Statistics and Data Science features a conversation with Irina about her time at Cornell and advice for pursuing career in data science.

  • June 2019: A manuscript with Gen Li, “Structural Learning and Integrative Decomposition of Multi-View Data”, has been accepted to Biometrics.

  • June 2019: A manuscript with Grace Yoon and Christian L Müller, Microbial networks in SPRING - Semi-parametric rank-based correlation and partial correlation estimation for quantitative microbiome data has been accepted to Frontiers in Genetics for the special Research Topic on “Statistical and Computational Methods for Microbiome Multi-Omics Data”

  • April 2019: A manuscript on Prediction and estimation consistency of sparse multi-class penalized optimal scoring has been accepted to Bernoulli

  • April 2019: A manuscript with Alex Lapanowski on Sparse Feature Selection in Kernel Discriminant Analysis via Optimal Scoring has appeared in AISTATS

  • November 2018: A new manuscript on “Joint association and classification analysis of multi-view data” is now available on arXiv

  • September 2018: The Texas A&M College of Science promotional video featuring Irina